Into The Woods Marketing is a B2B marketing consultancy focused on building marketing programmes and developing creative teams. You can work with me as a consultant, on a marketing project or as your marketing team’s mentor.

Meet the founder

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I’m Veronica. I have worked in B2B marketing for 15 years, starting as sales and comms support, working my way up to head of marketing and now as a marketing consultant. My experience spans companies and teams of all sizes, in markets all around the world.

I have always worked in difficult economic conditions, having graduated into the credit crunch and into the public sector cuts of the 2010s, then Brexit and the Coronavirus pandemic. Tight budgets, limited resources and responding to a crisis are all part of my marketing DNA.

My background before marketing is in journalism. I have a degree in English Language and Literature, a Level 6 diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and an ILM Level 5 certificate in coaching and mentoring. You can see my full credentials on LinkedIn.

I love to share my marketing knowledge and experience; you’ll find my marketing, copy and PR insights on the blog, my career and business journey on Medium and my newsletter on Substack.

Who I work with

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I mostly work with small to medium businesses, startups, and businesses that are brand new to marketing, because this is where I can make the biggest impact as a consultant. Most of my clients are in B2B and SaaS, which are sectors that I know and love.

For many businesses, marketing support usually looks like an expensive consultant or a junior in-house hire. I am neither of these things.

I won’t work with you every day, because you don’t need it right now. I keep my client-base small, so you get my attention. And when you grow to the point where you need a full-time resource, I’ll help you make the transition. I will mentor your marketing team to help them get up and running.

Into The Woods Marketing is not a side hustle or a stepping stone. It’s my business, where I do my best work, giving you access to my marketing brain and my network in a way which is flexible and affordable. I’m very lucky that most of my work comes through existing contacts and recommendations. I work in a lot of highly regulated sectors, so most of my work is confidential and under an NDA. If you want to work with me, chances are you work in similar industries and can understand this need for client privacy.

Into The Woods Marketing is fully insured through Policy Bee and I have a contract with each and every client, no matter the size of the project. It’s also a climate positive business through Ecologi, which means that my carbon footprint and travel is offset, and I have a company forest.

My approach to B2B marketing

B2B marketing consultant

Having worked in several industries, with all kinds of products and services, I have marketed many weird and wonderful things. The approach, however, is always the same.

Everything starts with the customer, a marketing strategy and plan approached with precision. Campaigns are when we can get creative. When I meet a new client, we’ll talk about their business and brand before looking closer at their product/service and customers. We agree on goals and a plan of action based on how much of my support they need.

I’m hands-on when it comes to marketing, copywriting and PR. On some projects I will use the expertise of designers and developers to deliver the best result. I’ll always be honest if a freelancer with a different skill set or an agency with more capacity would be better suited to your needs.

My approach to mentoring

I believe that every marketer should have a mentor. Somebody who is your sounding board, to push you when needed and listen when times are tough. I have benefitted enormously from having several mentors throughout my career.

My mentoring approach is to coach and listen, encouraging my mentees to think independently. I openly share my own experiences as a marketer, including what has worked, hasn’t worked and what I’ve learnt along the way. Our mentoring relationship will focus on setting goals, exploring your options and setting a plan of action.

As a marketing mentor I work with in-house teams and almost always with early-mid career marketers who are following the same career path as my in-house career.

The story of Into The Woods Marketing

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Into The Woods started as an idea in 2015, prompted by the need for more freedom and flexibility, and fewer meetings and office politics. In 2016 I was offered an opportunity to work in e-commerce and gain experience in B2C marketing. I took the job and put Into The Woods on the back burner.

An eventful few years followed. I moved cities, I was made redundant and I bought a house as a renovation project. In 2019, I revisited the idea of going freelance, once more craving flexibility. I gave my three months’ notice at the start of 2020 and in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, became a fully-fledged B2B marketing consultant.

A bit more about me

B2B marketing consultant

I am British and Venezuelan and grew up near Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire. I studied English Language and Literature at the University of Leeds and lived in Yorkshire for 12 years. In 2016, I moved to Nottingham.

I love travelling, reading and food. History and vintage design are also big passions of mine. I speak fluent Spanish, some Portuguese and many bits of other European languages.

Book me as a teacher, speaker or writer

I teach, speak and write about creative careers, freelancing, and marketing. If you need a marketing expert to run a workshop, contribute to a publication or be a guest on your podcast, then head over here to book me in.

Get in touch

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