Marketing mentoring

Empower your marketing team with coaching designed for career growth and team development.

What is mentoring?

Coaching and mentoring are often used interchangeably, but they are separate and individual disciplines. Coaching is a process, led by the coachee, to achieve agreed goals and improve performance. The coach creates an environment to guide the process through conversation, but the direction is driven by the coachee.

Mentoring is as much about a relationship as a process. The mentee usually seeks out this relationship for a defined purpose and they will look to the mentor for answers, as well as in themselves. This relationship also includes goals and conversation, and is led by the mentee, but it will include more input and guidance from the mentor, as opposed to a coach. As a marketing mentor, I use a coaching approach and coaching questions when appropriate, I will also use my marketing knowledge and experience to guide, when needed.

Mentoring should also not be confused with training or consulting; I support my mentees to think for themselves, and not teach new skills or provide advice. I do offer this as separate service, so please do get in touch if you want to work with me as a trainer or consultant.

Why work with me?

If you choose to work with me to support your marketing team, you get access to a fully qualified coach and mentor and 13 years of marketing experience:

My mentoring credentials: I am a certified business coach and mentor; I have an ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring which is specifically designed for workplace coaching and mentoring. This qualification includes applied theory, best practice, 18 hours of documented coaching, supervised sessions and lots of feedback as part of the assessment. I am a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council which means I work to their global code of ethics as a mentor.

My marketing experience: As a former in-house marketing manager and head of marketing, I spent years learning how to be a good people manager and how to manage the team’s workload. There was a lot of successes and high profile projects along the way, but as always, with lots of learning experiences too. As my career developed, I was trained in coaching and mentoring and this transformed the way I worked (I’ve written about it on Medium if you’re curious).

How you can work with me:

Marketing mentoring is available as a one-off workshop or as a longer term programme. All are designed for in-house marketing teams – including teams of one.


A 3-5 hour focused workshop to work through a specific topic such as a marketing campaign plan, a team training plan or how to put a strategic report together.

From £300, including:

  • Preliminary questionnaire
  • In-person workshop
  • Follow up call for accountability

Available now.


A 3-6 month mentoring programme to help your team to step-up and grow. This is focused on setting and tracking goals with a clear outcome at the end of the programme.

From £500 per month, including:

  • A monthly 2-hour, in-person coaching session
  • Weekly 30-minute check-ins by phone/Zoom

Available now.


This is the same as the Grow programme with the addition of phone and email support during working hours. This is ideal if your team needs a high level of support and accountability.

From £750 per month, including:

  • A monthly 2-hour, in-person coaching session
  • Weekly 30-minute check-ins by phone/Zoom
  • Phone and email support during working hours

Available now.

What mentees say about me

From the several mentors I interviewed initially, Veronica shone through like a beacon. We worked together for 6 months, with Veronica coaching me through a huge company growth phase and personal career chapter. She is a fountain of knowledge, incredibly self-assured, and full of encouragement. Expectations were set from the very beginning, our sessions were structured to optimise time, but I felt Veronica was incredibly adaptable and flexible if we needed to change anything up. I learnt a huge amount of life-long skills in what felt like a short space of time. Aside from being very approachable and easy to talk to, Veronica’s work ethic and passion is contagious.” – Senior marketer in the energy industry

Next steps

It’s important to ensure that a mentor and mentee(s) are a suitable fit and have good rapport. Therefore, an informal chat is a good starting point. Get in touch to get the process started.