Marketing mentoring

Empower your marketing team with coaching designed for career growth and team development.

How can I support your business as a marketing mentor?

I work with in-house marketers who need the outside suppport and expertise of a mentor to step up and grow. I offer this as a structured, professional service, backed by my ILM Level 5 qualification and seven years of experience managing and mentoring marketers.

Mentoring in the workplace is good news for everyone involved. Improving mental health, happiness at work, work performance and people retention, mentoring can even lead to more revenue and lower recruitment costs:

Employees who received mentoring were promoted FIVE times more often than people who didn’t have mentors (source)

Happy workers are 13% more productive (source)

Employees who intend to stay with their organization for more than five years are twice as likely to have a mentor (68 percent) than not (32 percent). And among those intending to leave within two years, the ratio of those with (56 percent) and those without (44 percent) a mentor is much lower. (source)

As opposed to using a coach, a marketing mentor has enough marketing knowledge to guide your team, but enough distance to avoid getting overly involved in specific situations. And unlike training, mentoring is a long-term solution better suited to career development. (Not sure if you need a mentor or a coach? Head over here.)

And we don’t need to step on anyone’s toes. Marketing mentoring can run alongside the manager – mentee relationship. The mentee can discuss the mentoring process with their manager, and their day-to-day goals and actions with their mentor. Plus, marketing is regularly rated as one of the most stressful careers – we need all the support we can get.

Why work with me as a marketing mentor?

If you choose to work with me as a marketing mentor, you get access to a fully qualified coach and mentor and 15 years of marketing experience:

My mentoring credentials: I am a certified business coach and mentor; I have an ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring which is specifically designed for workplace coaching and mentoring.

This qualification includes applied theory, best practice, 18 hours of documented coaching, supervised sessions and lots of feedback as part of the assessment. I am a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and I work to their global code of ethics as a mentor.

B2B Marketing Mentor Veronica Wood Querales

My marketing experience: As a former in-house marketing manager and head of marketing, I spent years learning how to be a good people manager and how to manage the team’s workload.

As my career developed, I was trained in coaching and mentoring and this transformed the way I worked (I’ve written about it on Medium if you’re curious).

How you can work with me:

Marketing mentoring is available as a one-off workshop or as a long-term programme. All options are designed for in-house marketing teams – including teams of one.

Marketing mentor


A 3-5 hour focused workshop to work through a specific topic such as a marketing campaign plan, a team training plan or how to put a strategic report together.

From £1000, including:

  • Preliminary questionnaire
  • In-person workshop
  • Follow up call for accountability

Available now.

Marketing mentor


A 3-6 month marketing mentoring programme to help your team to step-up and grow. This is focused on setting and tracking goals with a clear outcome at the end of the programme.

From £750 per month, including:

  • A monthly 2-hour, in-person coaching session
  • Weekly 30-minute check-ins by phone/Zoom

Available now.

Marketing mentor


This is the same as the Grow programme with the addition of phone and email support during working hours. This is ideal if your team needs a high level of support and accountability.

From £1050 per month, including:

  • A monthly 2-hour, in-person coaching session
  • Weekly 30-minute check-ins by phone/Zoom
  • Phone and email support during working hours

Available now.

What to expect from mentoring

Mentoring is a relationship and a process. We’ll dedicate time to agreeing which goals to pursue, and then spend our time planning and reviewing actions. Sometimes I will use a coaching approach and coaching questions to get you thinking, and I will also use my marketing knowledge and experience to guide, when needed.

I firmly believe in only providing a marketing mentoring service in career paths that I have been on myself. I mentor marketing assistants, marketing execs, marketing managers and heads of marketing. But for marketing directors and CMOs, I would refer you to a more appropriate mentor. (And if you’re currently on the hunt for a mentor, I’d strongly advise making sure they’ve been in your shoes.)

What people say about me as a marketing mentor

From the several mentors I interviewed initially, Veronica shone through like a beacon. We worked together for 6 months, with Veronica coaching me through a huge company growth phase and personal career chapter. She is a fountain of knowledge, incredibly self-assured, and full of encouragement. Expectations were set from the very beginning, our sessions were structured to optimise time, but I felt Veronica was incredibly adaptable and flexible if we needed to change anything up. I learnt a huge amount of life-long skills in what felt like a short space of time. Aside from being very approachable and easy to talk to, Veronica’s work ethic and passion is contagious.” – Senior marketer in the energy industry

Next steps

It’s important to ensure that a mentor and mentee(s) are a suitable fit and have good rapport. Therefore, an informal chat is a good starting point for marketing mentoring. Get in touch to start the process.