All about PR

What is PR and how does it work for small businesses? When I talk to potential clients about PR, I find it’s the most divisive service I offer. Businesses either love it or hate it, often without really knowing how it works. It’s the marmite of the agency and freelance world.  When it’s done well, … Continue reading All about PR

How to handle a crisis

From a marketing standpoint, the blueprint of a crisis is typically: something has happened and it requires a response. The crisis might be a natural disaster or a public relations incident. The response can range from individual communications to customers, to the wider public, and even the press. It’s likely the crisis will need to … Continue reading How to handle a crisis

How to go freelance

My freelance business plan has been brewing for five years in various guises. The flexibility really appealed to me, along with the chance to have more focus on marketing and helping businesses to grow. I planned and launched Into The Woods Marketing during the Coronavirus pandemic. It was difficult, but I did it and learnt … Continue reading How to go freelance